Monday, September 21, 2015

Are you Bluntly Stealing From Jesus Christ?

Note: I acknowledge that there is no suppose private interpretation of the bible scripture (II Peter 1:20) hence, I subject this writing to other spirit. Should you find my writing to be totally wrong, I would then appreciate if you could correct me and or rebuke me (II Timothy 3:16). Let's reason together (Isaiah 1:18) so as to bring the matter into the light, I can be reach at

Suppose you owe someone and this someone always had been personally the one who collect the payment. While this lender is still living, he preferred to collect the payment by himself. Never in history did he ask someone or permitted someone to collect the payment by anyone except this one instance where, he allowed his friend to collect in behalf of him as he went for a vacation. The other instance where might its possible to collect the payment by other person is when he die. 

Now, suppose someone comes to you to collect the payment and you are aware that the person you owed is not dead, nor he went for a vacation, nor you are aware that he give someone permission to collect it by other. Are you going to give your payment to that guy? Obviously not, it would be foolish for you to give it knowing that he is alive, is not in vacation and did not give anyone permission to collect it by others in behalf of him.

Now, do you claim that Jesus is alive, do you claim that He lives eternally? Do you claim that Jesus is present everywhere? Since Jesus Christ replaces the levitical priest it would follow that all the levitical priest duties and responsibilities (offering ceremonials which He replaces by Himself as a one time offering) including their inheritance (tithes) was transferred to Jesus Christ. Did Jesus Christ give any permission for any mortal to collect the inheritance that was transferred to Him when He take over in the new covenant?

Can you imagine, its a blunt thievery the moment you ask for it and receive it since no one in this world will be in the same nature as Jesus Christ whom without genealogy, no beginning, no end and living continually. He lives continually though we cannot see Him and is present everywhere meaning, while you are collecting and wherever you collect it, Jesus Christ is just beside or in front of you watching. If you understand the nature of Him being alive and being present everywhere, do you not fear that every time you collect it, you are actually stealing from Him, worst you are stealing in front of Him?

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